League of Legends Not Opening in Windows 10

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends is one of the well-known multiplayer online battle arena video games. Being compatible with both Microsoft Windows and macOS, it offers a good gaming experience to you. But often users have reported issues while launching or opening this game and it ultimately results in the League of Legends […] Router Login And Change Of Password

192.168.01 is the default IP address for routers and modems in general for logging into the admin panel. If you use a router or modem, then you must be aware of the ‘’ or ‘https://192.16801’. Every device connected to the internet is assigned a different IP address.  Some of the routers use private and some […]

Solve This Video File Cannot Be Played. (Error Code: 224003)

With improved digitalization, most of the people now prefer to watch videos online through their desired browser. While doing so, it prevents the requirement of downloading any media player application. Users can directly go to a certain media player using their preferred browser and can watch videos freely. But sometimes, while watching videos on a […]

How To Troubleshoot Exception Code 0xc0000005 | Best Ways

Exception Code 0xc0000005 is one of the most commonly occurring errors that pop up in any version of Windows operating system. When this error occurs, it restricts you from executing any process that you initiate. This error might occur in your system at different moments. While doing regular computing tasks, whenever Windows try to access […]

Juno Email: Get Comprehensive Knowledge About Its Setup and Configuration

Juno email is one of the most well-known internet service providers that offer various quality email management features. More and more users from all over the world prefer using these services due to its free emailing facility. This web mail service is free for the users up to 10 hours in a month. However, in […]