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Fixing Error Code 141078 When Trying to Make a Purchase in Microsoft Store

by Timothy Ginn

Seeing an obscure “Error Code 141078” pop up when trying to make a purchase on Microsoft Store can be annoying and confusing. Unfortunately error code 141078 tells you almost nothing about what went wrong or how to fix it.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the possible reasons for error 141078, solutions to resolve it, and tips to avoid it when buying Office 365 subscriptions, Xbox games or other Microsoft products online.

What Does Error Code 141078 Mean?

The error code 141078 is a generic notification that an error occurred when trying to process a purchase or transaction in Microsoft Store. It does not provide any specifics about the exact problem.

Some common reasons why you might see Microsoft Store error code 141078 include:

  • Payment issues: Problems with your credit/debit card, PayPal account, or other payment method are preventing the transaction from completing.
  • Account restrictions: Your Microsoft account may have purchase restrictions enabled or blocks when trying to buy certain categories of products.
  • Store glitches: Sometimes errors occur due to temporary tech problems on Microsoft servers.
  • Network connectivity issues: Connection problems between your device and Microsoft servers can also trigger strange errors.
  • Corrupted local files: Damaged browser cache, cookies or other files related to Microsoft Store on your device could be the culprit.

So error 141078 itself does not tell you what exactly failed or needs to be fixed. But there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve whichever underlying problem is occurring behind the scenes.

How to Fix Microsoft Store Error Code 141078

Here are the top methods to fix error code 141078 and successfully complete purchases in Microsoft Store:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Since Microsoft Store involves contacting Microsoft servers online, one of the first things to check is your internet connectivity.

  • Run a speed test and make sure your network speeds meet minimum requirements for downloading apps, games and subscriptions.
  • If on WiFi, move closer to the router or connect via Ethernet cable to rule out any wireless interference.
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting to refresh the network.
  • Test if just Microsoft Store is down or if you can access other websites okay.

A temporary blip in the connection during a purchase transaction can definitely cause error 141078.

2. Use a Different Web Browser

An outdated, buggy or overloaded browser program on your PC could also be interfering with Microsoft Store workings.

  • Close all browser tabs/windows then launch a fresh session.
  • Try a completely different browser like switching from Chrome to Firefox.
  • Update your browser to the newest version if it’s outdated.
  • Browser cookies/cache related to the Microsoft Store site may also need to be cleared out.

This will determine if the browser instead of an actual Store problem is the issue.

3. Reboot All Devices

If you tried purchasing on an Xbox console for example, fully power cycling that device can reset any temporary glitches causing problems.

  • Save and close down any open apps/games.
  • Power off the device completely, unplug it for 60 seconds.
  • Turn the device back on and try accessing Microsoft Store again.

Rebooting your computer or mobile devices can also help rule out any operating system or hardware issues interfering with Store operations.

4. Verify Microsoft Account Security and Restrictions

With a purchase requiring you to sign into a Microsoft personal or work/school account, double check that:

  • Your account password was entered correctly if requested during transaction.
  • Two factor authentication if enabled permits the Store website/app request.
  • Parental controls or organization restrictions are not blocking certain store content purchases via that account.
  • The country/region, date of birth and other account profile info is all accurate.

Outdated payment info or other account issues can also contribute to failure of purchases with generic 141078 errors appearing.

5. Retry Payment with Correct Billing Details

One of the most common triggers of error code 141078 is payment problems with the selected card, PayPal or other options you picked at time of transaction.

  • Double check expiration dates are current on selected payment method if you have multiple added in your Microsoft account.
  • Make sure billing address matches what your credit card or PayPal account has listed.
  • Contact your bank/card provider to confirm the card has not been disabled, expired or reported lost/stolen if you continually get errors trying to use it.
  • For PayPal look for notifications of any holds or required recent re-authorization needed for larger purchases.

Updating any incorrect info or removing old payment methods no longer valid can allow purchases to complete when retried.

6. Run Microsoft Store Apps Troubleshooter

Microsoft themselves provide an automated Apps Troubleshooter utility that can scan your Windows 10/11 device for problems with Microsoft Store functionality or corrupted files causing issues.

You can search for “Apps Troubleshooter” on the Start menu to run it, and it should detect and offer fixes for many common Store error code problems.

7. Reset Microsoft Store Cache/Data

If Microsoft Store previously worked fine before, another option is resetting the Store data/cache locally which often resolves glitches without reinstalling the entire app.

To reset Microsoft Store cache and defaults:

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Copy/paste this command then press Enter:
  3. Restart your device when prompted for reset to fully complete.

This will clear out old temporary files, stored cookies or corrupted data related to the Store app and often fixes error code issues in the process.

8. Reinstall or Update Microsoft Store

If no other troubleshooting helped resolve error code 141078 when trying to make purchases, completely removing and reinstalling the Microsoft Store app itself may be needed.

This should fully replace any damaged files that might be complicating transactions.

  • On Windows 10, search Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the “Microsoft Store” app package.
  • On Windows 11, search for “Install or update the Microsoft Store app” under Windows Settings to trigger reinstall.
  • Restart your PC afterwards before attempting to purchase again.

Alternately you can visit Microsoft Store download manually to grab the latest installer if missing from your system.

9. Contact Microsoft Support

If no amount of troubleshooting allows you to complete the purchase or transaction, contacting Microsoft is the next option:

  • Chat Support: Initiate a chat session from Microsoft Store Contact Page explaining error 141078 issue.
  • Phone Support: Call Microsoft Support phone number for your country/region to speak with an agent.
  • Community Forums: Post about your problem in the Microsoft Community to see if any experts or employees can advise.

Microsoft can investigate further into account restrictions or payment blocks happening behind the scenes, override disabled payment methods or process refunds for failed purchases.

So while error code 141078 itself provides no real clues or fixes, running through all these troubleshooting steps should finally allow you to complete the Microsoft Store purchase you wanted.

Preventing Error 141078 in Future Transactions

Once you resolve the active error code 141078 stopping your transaction today, implementing a few proactive tips can help avoid running into this again down the road:

  • Don’t rely on cloud/metered internet connections for purchases which could drop mid-transaction. Stick to wired ethernet or steady WiFi.
  • Add multiple payment methods like a backup credit card to ensure one block doesn’t lead to failed transactions.
  • Periodically change passwords on the Microsoft account used for purchases to limit chance of fraud or restrictions triggering errors.
  • Clean browser caches/cookies monthly to limit legacy or outdated Microsoft Store data messing up activity.
  • Double check account and payment info entered during purchases to make sure names/addresses/expirations are accurate.
  • Avoid trying purchases over VPN connections as additional network layers can complicate transactions.

Catching an error like Microsoft Store code 141078 can be annoying but some combination of the fixes here should successfully allow you to complete the desired purchase or transaction so you can enjoy that new game, subscription or other content purchased.

Let me know if the suggestions here help resolve your particular error 141078 issue!

[[Summary]] Error code 141078 often shows up when trying to make a purchase in the Microsoft Store but provides little clue on how to actually fix the problem. Possible causes range from payment method issues to account restrictions to glitches with Microsoft servers or your own device’s files. Steps like changing browsers, verifying billing details, resetting local Store data or contacting support can help troubleshoot a transaction blocked by error 141078. And being proactive on the account and network side in future purchases may help avoid this frustrating error code popping up randomly again down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Error Code 141078

1. Why do I keep getting Microsoft Store error code 141078?

The most common triggers of error 141078 are problems with your selected payment method, restrictions on the Microsoft account, connectivity issues temporarily disrupting the transaction, corrupted browser cache/cookies related to the Store, or random glitches with Microsoft servers.

2. Does error code 141078 mean my account is suspended?

Not necessarily. While some account restrictions can trigger error 141078, it is more likely caused by payment problems or tech issues instead of outright account suspension. You can still access other Microsoft services normally.

3. How do I contact Microsoft Support about error 141078?

If you cannot resolve error code 141078 through troubleshooting steps, contact options include chat support via microsoft.com, calling regional support phone numbers, or posting about the specific issue on Microsoft Community forums to engage experts there.

4. What credit cards does Microsoft Store accept?

Microsoft Store accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards. To avoid errors they should not be expired, have accurate billing details, and be authorized for online digital purchases per your bank.

5. Does Microsoft Store take PayPal?

Yes, Microsoft Store does accept PayPal as an online payment method assuming your account is in good standing, has a confirmed shipping address, and no special restrictions against certain purchase types.

6. Can error code 141078 be fixed without contacting Microsoft?

Yes, many troubleshooting steps like changing browsers, double checking account/payment details, resetting the Microsoft Store locally or reinstalling Store components can often resolve a 141078 error without needing to contact official Microsoft Support.

7. Is there a time limit on Microsoft Store purchases before error codes happen?

No strict time limit, but a very long transaction joining server queues or awaiting input may timeout and error due to inactivity. Use stable/faster internet connections and have payment details ready avoid errors from taking too long mid-purchase.

8. Will I get charged multiple times if error 141078 happens during a purchase transaction?

No, error 141078 means the transaction failed completely so even if you get charged initially while troubleshooting, Microsoft does not actually accept the payment. Any pending charges should revert after several business days automatically.

9. Can I get a refund if charged due to error code 141078 during Microsoft Store purchase?

Yes, if a faulty transaction did initially process but fail you can contact Microsoft Support for a refund of the purchase amount back to your original payment method once any pending charges fully clear from your financial statements.

10. What fixes Microsoft Store error code 141078 on Xbox consoles?

For error 141078 issues when purchasing Xbox games or additions, you can try power cycling your console, switching to wired network connections, changing payment methods, and checking child account restrictions. Resetting the Xbox may also help.

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