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Samsung Washing Machine Error Code List: Troubleshoot and Fix with Ease

by Timothy Ginn

Doing laundry is a never-ending chore in every household. And when your trusty Samsung washing machine suddenly starts displaying strange error codes, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to figure out what’s wrong. But there’s no need to panic – most Samsung washer issues can be easily diagnosed and repaired with some basic troubleshooting.

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of common Samsung washing machine error codes, explain what they mean, and offer simple solutions to get your washer back up and running. We’ll also share some handy maintenance tips to help prevent problems in the future. Let’s dive in and demystify those confusing washer error codes!

Overview of Common Samsung Washer Error Codes

Samsung washers display alphanumeric error codes to indicate specific issues. Here’s a quick overview of some common error codes and what they typically point to:

  • OE/OE1/OE2 – Water outlet draining error due to a drain pump failure or clogged hose/pump filter
  • UE – Unbalanced load detected due to uneven distribution of clothes
  • 5E/SE – The washer senses that the door is open and will not spin or drain with the door open
  • LE – Motor locked error due to overloaded tub, restricted movement, or drive belt failure
  • dE – The washer door will not lock properly

Other common codes like 3E (water inlet issue), 4E (water overflow), and tE (temperature sensor failure) indicate problems with water supply. Codes starting with CE relate to PCB/control errors.

Below we’ll explore these error codes and their solutions in more detail.

Troubleshooting the Most Common Samsung Washer Error Codes

Learning how to troubleshoot and fix common Samsung washing machine error codes can save you from a costly repair bill. Let’s go through each code one by one:

OE/OE1/OE2 Error Code – Draining Issues

  • This code indicates a problem with water draining from the washer, which prevents the tub from spinning or draining properly at the end of a cycle.
  • There could be a clogged or faulty drain pump, or a blockage in the drain hose or pump filter.
  • First, check and clean the drain pump filter. Remove any coins, buttons, lint, or other debris clogging the filter.
  • Next, check the drain hose for kinks and clogs. Disconnect from the washer and ensure there is no blockage.
  • If the hose looks clear, the internal drain pump may be faulty. A replacement may be needed if pump is not pumping out water.
  • Running a short self-clean or tub clean cycle with bleach can also help clear residual dirt causing drainage issues.

UE Error Code – Load Imbalance

  • This error indicates the washer has detected an unbalanced load, so it will not spin.
  • An uneven distribution of clothes in the drum can cause excessive vibration.
  • Simply redistribute the clothes evenly and restart the cycle.
  • Try loading less clothes to allow them to spread out evenly. Only wash large and small items separately.
  • Make sure to mix large and small items in a load. Loading only bulky items like sheets can also cause imbalance.

5E/SE Error Code – Door Open

  • This code indicates the washer door has not properly latched and locked before the cycle could start.
  • The door switch detects when the door is ajar. The washer will not agitate, spin or drain with the door open.
  • Make sure to close the door completely so the latch catches and locks into place.
  • Check for obstructions like clothes or items blocking the door.
  • Inspect the door latch, striker assembly, and door lock mechanism. Broken or misaligned parts can prevent proper locking.
  • If code persists, a repair may be needed to fix the door latch assembly.

LE Error Code – Motor Locked

  • The LE code indicates the motor is locked and unable to turn and agitate during the cycle.
  • An overloaded, off-balance tub can cause the motor to stall from too much friction.
  • Avoid overstuffing the tub. Reduce load size and redistribute clothes evenly.
  • Check the drum for smooth rotation. Restricted movement from jammed clothes or debris can lock the motor.
  • Worn drive belts, bad bearings, and motor issues can also lead to locking. Replacement parts may be needed.
  • Remove power for a minute to reset the motor and allow it to restart.

dE Error Code – Door Lock Issue

  • This code signals a problem with the washer’s door lock mechanism trying to lock the door at the start of a cycle.
  • Check for obstructions around the door latch area. Make sure there is clear space for the lock to engage.
  • Examine the door lock assembly. Broken or disconnected wiring can prevent door from properly locking.
  • Other possible causes include faulty door latch, strike assembly, or control board. Replacement parts may be required.
  • Attempt to manually unlock then relock the door. If issue persists, professional repair may be needed.

Fixing Other Common Samsung Washer Error Codes

Beyond the main error codes, here are some quick troubleshooting tips for other frequent Samsung washer issues:

3E Error Code – Water Inlet Problem

  • Indicates washer is not sensing proper water flow on intake. Check supply valves, hoses for kinks, clogs. Clean inlet filters.

4E Error Code – Water Overflow

  • Washer overflowed due to a faulty water valve or level switch. Check fill hoses. May need valve or pressure switch replacement.

tE Error Code – Temperature Sensor Failure

  • Temperature sensor not providing proper readings. Check connections. Replace sensor if defective.

CE Error Codes – Control Board Problems

  • Various CE codes point to control board issues. Reset washer. If code persists, replace control board.

E1/HC Error Codes – Heating System Problems

  • Heater connection failure or control board issue. Check connections. Replace heating element or control board if faulty.

9E/dE1 Error Code – Communication Failure

  • Washer control not sensing key components like motor or sensors. Check connections. Replace communication cable or control board.

FF/dS Error Code – Door Switch Failure

  • Door switch not properly sensed as open or closed. Check and replace faulty door switch.

Handy Maintenance Tips for Samsung Washers

Beyond fixing errors as they occur, some simple maintenance can help avoid problems in the first place:

  • Clean the filter monthly – Regularly cleaning the filter prevents clogs that can cause draining issues and error codes.
  • Use drain/tub clean cycles monthly – Run a sanitize or tub clean cycle monthly using bleach or cleaner to freshen the washer and prevent mildew and odors.
  • Wipe gaskets and door – Dry any moisture and run washer with door open after cycles to prevent mold growth.
  • Level the washer properly – Adjust leveling feet to ensure washer is balanced. This prevents shaking, noise and helps tubs spin properly.
  • Leave door open when not in use – Allow the washer drum and door gasket to fully dry between cycles to avoid mildew and odors.
  • Use proper detergent type and amount – Fill dispensers as per instructions to avoid oversudsing and set washer for correct cycle settings.
  • Load evenly and not overfill – Uneven loads lead to imbalance. Overfilling causes jams and motor strain.
  • Clean inlet hoses – Disconnect and clear water inlet hoses every few months to keep water flowing properly.

Following these tips will help reduce strain on your washer and catch issues before they turn into major repairs. Contact the Samsung support center if error codes persist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Washer Error Codes

What is the most common Samsung washer error code?

The OE error code is most common on Samsung washers. This indicates a drainage problem, usually due to a clogged pump filter or drain hose.

Why does my washer suddenly display error codes?

Error codes can show up when a washer component fails or becomes obstructed/clogged with debris. Codes serve as a diagnostic tool to identify the specific problem.

Do error codes always require a repair?

Not necessarily. Many error codes can be resolved with basic DIY troubleshooting like cleaning filters or hoses. But some may point to a faulty part needing replacement by a technician.

Does turning the washer off and on clear error codes?

Turning the machine off briefly may temporarily clear the code. But the underlying issue still needs to be diagnosed and resolved or the code will reappear.

Should I unplug the washer before attempting to troubleshoot an error?

Yes, always unplug the washer before doing any troubleshooting or maintenance to avoid electric shock hazards.

My code is not on your list – what should I do?

Consult the user manual or contact Samsung support online or by phone. Less common codes may still indicate an issue that needs troubleshooting.

What are some preventative steps I can take to avoid error codes?

Regular maintenance like cleaning the filter, using tub clean cycles, leaving the door open, and wiping seals/gaskets can help prevent odor, clogs, and mildew that lead to errors.

Summary of Key Takeaways

  • Samsung washing machines display error codes like OE, UE, SE, LE, etc. to indicate specific issues detected by sensors.
  • Common error codes relate to drainage problems, unbalanced loads, door/door locks, motor problems, and other electrical/mechanical faults.
  • Most error codes can be resolved with basic troubleshooting like cleaning filters and hoses, redistributing loads, examining latches, etc.
  • To prevent error codes, maintain your washer by regularly cleaning the filter, using clean cycles, allowing drying time, and wiping seals.
  • If an unresolved error code persists, contact Samsung support or an authorized technician to diagnose and repair the washer.
  • Understanding Samsung washer error codes allow you to quickly diagnose problems and take action to restore your washer to working order. With some DIY troubleshooting, you can often fix issues without waiting for a repair visit.

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